Jun 25 2014

The time is now….

2014 is a year for strength and clarity!

David Richey is a talented vocalist, guitarist and shines on the dobro!

Book him today to add some spice to your gigs!    Available for session recording and other projects as well!

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Jul 15 2012

The Ruined Nation Boys

Our next performance will be at the Altona Grange Hall in Boulder, CO on Sat. September 8th.  Our lineup will be Keith Reed (banjo), Jordan Ramsey (mandolin), Eric Thorin (bass), Alex Johnstone (fiddle), and Dave Richey (guitar).

Also performing are the Ginger Roots, featuring Nancy Thorwardson, Kristina Murray, and Emilyn Ingles.

Altona Grange, at 39th and Nelson Rd. is a remnant of a once flourishing agricultural movement called the “Patrons of Husbandry” and was established by a Minnesota farmer in 1867. Granges were started as an attempt to organize farmers against price fixing by the railroads, high interest rates on bank loans and also to increase efficiency of farming techniques.   The Altona Grange (#127) was established in 1891 and is one of 492 granges in Colorado. It is one of the oldest active granges in the state.


Altona Grange #127: Supporting rural living by providing community opportunities for education and recreation.







Dec 19 2011

New Year’s Eve with Romano Paoletti at the Gold Hill Inn

This New Year’s Eve I’m excited to announce that Romano Paoletti will be bringing his country crooner voice and phenomenal band to the Gold Hill Inn.  The band (deemed The Unusual Suspects by an unknown source) will be:  Romano on voice and guitar, Eric Thorin on bass, Tyler Grant on electric guitar, David Richey on lap steel, and Chris Meisner on drums.  Come up and stuff yourself on an amazing seven-course meal and then dance to one of the funnest bands on the Front Range!  Can’t wait to see yall there!

Visit Romano’s site here:   www.romanosmusic.com